I’m Joganda, your Life Companion & Vehicle to Awaken your Superpowers you already have within.

Throughout my inner journey I´ve discovered that the greatest coaching method is presenting myself as I am, just being me: opening my heart with total vulnerability and responsibility.
I aim to listen closely, fully grounded and present, creating a safe space for deep insights, conversations and powerful questions, that allow you to see new perspectives and possibilities for your life.

About your Life Companion

I’m Juan David Naranjo, a Life Artist known as Joganda in the Wellness industry, and "El colibrí" in the Music Industry.
I’m here to help you find the questions and answers that will lead you to your greatest version and unleash your highest potential.

I´m a huge believer that massive transformation starts with your connection and alignment with your body. From there, I will teach you the basics to gain control over your thoughts and emotions, and build that sense of interconnection between your body and mind.

My philosophy is aimed at guiding you to get back to your real self, in order to discover all of your inner wisdom and guidance.


I’ve more than 1.5k hours of experience teaching Inbound Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation. Currently working with clients across the world: from India to United States, Spain and Belgium.

Although we come from different backgrounds and cultures, we are all Human Beings, facing life challenges, searching for Love, Peace and Happiness.

I am known for offering the highest value possible, and becoming a loyal & trustworthy friend, helping my clients to inhabit their desired life, throughout a whole process of inner transformation and personal growth.


Be the change and Example you hope
to see in the world.