Design And Manifest Your Dream Life Of Health, Peace, Joy And Flow By Awakening Your Inner Superpowers

Embark on a 12-Week Journey of Self-Discovery Designed to Mastering the Art of Effortless Manifestation by Awakening Your Inner Genius, Unleashing Your highest Potential and connecting with your purpose as never before.

For everyone who is tired to live a limited life out of fear, scarcity and overwhelm







Grounding & Presence

I´ll teach you the step by step of how to ground yourself to earth; from there, accessing presence through breathing & embodiment exercises.

Peace & Gratitude

Gratitude is a constant reminder that elevates our awareness and vibration.
I´ll guide you through mindfulness practices to access deep moments of inner peace and gratitude.

Play & joy

Life is a Play and depends on how joyful you want it to be. I´ll guide you to find your desired role or character, to write your own script and to live your own truth.

My Value Proposition:

Self-Growth and FLow

I´ll teach you my methodology along with some hacks that have helped me gain more will power, self-confidence and inner strength. This way: living a more balanced and disciplined life, opening the doors of abundance, love and flow.


Success stories

“It was very easy to open up to him because he is so warm and welcoming, and has a super positive outlook on life. He is also a very constructive Coach, he brings a lot of good information for each session, so you get Results.”

Magdalena Rodriguez

“He was a very patient Coach, who transmits a lot of peace. He is very giving with his material. He cares about the following up.
On my third session something clicked."

Lucía Argut

"Juan really helped me and reminded me about my true purpose. "
Denisse Cavalheri


I truly believe that if we are still alive is because we have one mission on this planet. We all came with amazing gifts and talents, some of them are dormant and some awake; my biggest desire is to guide you to find them and share them with the world.